1 min readDec 12, 2021


Roadmap(2022): šŸ¦„First quarter 2022:

Confirmation and finalization of dinodot and bnb token pair transaction in Bibipom
Start the integration process with WhiteBit and correspondence with changelly
Expand the team
Start marketing campaigns.

šŸ¦„Second quarter 2022:

Complete integration with White Beat
Complete the application, Dinodot wallet
NFT exchange design
Establishment of charity and charity voting system
Dinodot exchange design
35% expansion of the team
Designing an educational application in the field of crypto.

šŸ¦„Third quarter 2022:

Complete and finalize the educational application
Launching a charity project owned by Dinodot
Completion and finalization of NFT exchange
25% expansion of the team
Holding a meeting of community members
Presence in other large exchange offices.

šŸ¦„Fourth quarter 2022:

Completion of exchange and charity project
Complete the first Asian market plan and start another plan in Asia
Establish a branch in As ia and hire people to create jobs
Get help for a charity project.




The Dinodot is a crypto and research company that aims to create dinosaurs from embryos. Scientists use genetic information to bring such prehistoric creatures